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Jeff Jacobs, presented High Peformance Messagine with Oracle Advanced Queuing  and OMG! Refactoring Common SQL Performance Anti-Patterns at RMOUG Training Days, Feb. 11-13, 2013

Our Mission

To provide expert guidance and assistance to users of the Oracle RDBMS.

Our Database Services

Effective architecture and design of Oracle databases resulting in scalable, reliable and maintainable databases that substantially reduce application development time.   We work closely with both business stakeholders and engineering to ensure optimal results.

RAC tuning and migration.

SQL query tuning, maintenance and development, with typical improvements of 5X and better.

PL/SQL maintenance, tuning and development.

Data modeling.

See our Services page for additional detail and service offerings.

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POB 4969, Foster City, CA 94404
jmjacobs at this website
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